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Delivering on our ‘farm to fork' vision

With home-grown food brands, food retail stores and distributed brands under the umbrella of Everyday Goods division, we are able to cover the entire food consumption chain from ‘farm to fork’. For over four decades, we have been a trusted partner within the food service and retail segment industry delivering high-quality, nutritious food products to our consumers. Today our manufacturing facilities cover six product lines: meat, seafood, Himalayan pink salt, herbs and spices, sausages and cold cuts, and butchery and marination, bringing brands, such as Farm Fresh, Chef’s Choice, Klassic, Sapora, Noor Al Islami, RUH, and Quality 1st Choice to the consumers.

In addition, we are also a key player in the food retail segment with supermarket brands such as Géant, Franprix, Monoprix and monop that are part of the French retailing giant Groupe Casino, and to which we have exclusive rights to expand across most of the Middle East region. The recent acquisition of aswaaq, led to the addition of 22 supermarkets to our rapidly expanding retail network.

As a distributor, we have some of the most popular international and home-grown brands in our portfolio, making us a trusted partner of the food service industry and the retail segment in delivering quality, nutritious food items to our consumers.

GMG Everyday Goods by the numbers:




Own Brands


Retail Concepts


Distributed Brands

Distributed Brands

We distribute some of the most popular food brands

McCain McCain Foods has been at the center of mealtimes for generations, celebrating real connections through delicious, planet-friendly food.
Ortiz Preserving products in the craft way, while respecting traditional fishing methods.
Lazah Covering day-to-day product ranges as well as new innovative food solutions that are catered to consumers’ needs.
Bornibus The Bornibus range includes a wide range of flavorful gourmet mustards and condiments.
Mama Sita's Mama Sita’s® is a legacy that spans five generations of fine Filipino cooking.
Latteria Soresina The Latteria Soresina range includes a variety of Italian dairy products such as butter and provolone, and they are the world's leading producer of Grana Padano.
Albert Ménès Maison Albert Ménès is a French brand that has been distributing fine grocery products founded on quality and authenticity since 1921.
K&N'S The K&N's® brand has excelled in poultry for over 55 years, with know-how in every aspect of poultry production.
QUALITY 1ST CHOICE Get value, choice and quality at the same time
Quality and delicious meals with wide range of products
Chef’s Choice The premium range by Farm Fresh
High quality tendered meat
Made with a premium spice blend

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