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GMG is a global well-being company retailing, distributing and manufacturing a portfolio of leading international and home-grown brands across sport, food and health sectors.

Being a proud partner

For more than four decades, we have continually innovated new ways to bring superior customer experiences to our partners and customers. We care passionately about our people, the communities we serve, and the world we live in.

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From humble beginnings to a global well-being company

Learn how GMG keeps building on its forty-year legacy

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HIGHLIGHTS OVER THE YEARS 1977 The brand Farm Fresh is established
1979 First Sun and Sand Sports store
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1990 The first Supercare Pharmacy
2012 The brand Trilogi is established
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2016 GMG introduces e-commerce
2020 GMG acquires Royal Sporting House in Asia
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2021 Global rebranding of GMG
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The core principles we live by

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One Family

We are united by one purpose: we play to win, and we win together. We explore untapped opportunities that bring us out on top. We act with ownership and integrity. We are one heartbeat - one family.

Keep evolving

We are pioneers, leading the way for the evolution of our industry. Winning is our attitude. We are obsessed with growth and push ourselves beyond what is possible.

Be The Change

We are the change. Every challenge we face is another opportunity to evolve and take ourselves and our customers to new heights. We are self-starters and the drivers of our own destiny.

Simple is Smart

We cut to the core of what matters and make proactive decisions to find smart solutions. Because we have a winning attitude, we make things happen and deliver every single time.

Consumer First

We are obsessed with our consumers. We know them inside and out. We go above and beyond for them with everything we do, no matter what that is. We are constantly evolving to exceed our consumers’ expectations.