GMG Healthcare

At GMG Healthcare, we are focused on facilitating a people-centred health care system by providing an unparalleled range of medicinal and natural products and services. Our aim is to improve patients’ experience at our clinics and pharmacies through professional guidance, friendly service, and nutritional advice from qualified specialists.

Own Concepts


Supercare Pharmacy is one of the leading healthcare, lifestyle, and pharma care companies, with a legacy of over 40 years.

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Good Health Nutrition

Good Health Nutrition is a pioneer in the field of herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition. It provides a wide range of whole food certified organic supplements with high quality and functional foods, which includes greens and superfoods.

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Acu House

Acu House offers natural treatment methods such as acupuncture and massage therapy to treat a list of medical conditions.

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Vitamed is a wholesale distribution company with its products available in over 850 stores in the Middle East ranging from pharmacies and nutritional and specialty stores, to gyms and fitness centres as well as supermarkets.

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