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Supercare Pharmacy was established in Dubai in 1978 and currently boasts 40 pharmacies, 27 Nutrition Centers. Supercare is currently in the midst of a significant expansion that will see GMG operate 100 pharmacies, Nutrition Centers and wellness stores over the next five years across the seven Emirates. 

Supercare outlets can be found in all major shopping malls and affluent residential areas across the UAE. Specializing in nutrition and home healthcare products, while ensuring we meet the needs of our prescription customers. 
Our customers include men and women of all ages and the overwhelming majority are highly health conscious and well informed when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Our value proposition is “Supercare takes super care of you and your family” - Our business is not simply about selling health related products; we offer customers a fully integrated, wellness proposition. 

A typical Supercare pharmacy stocks around 8,000 items, with an outlet such as our Dubai Mall wellness store, carrying up to 11,000 products, covering a diverse range of brands. We only sell quality products from well-established and reputable brands whose products are market leaders within the health, beauty and pharmaceutical industry. This includes renowned labels as the Vichy skincare from L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson, as well as a number of top manufacturers of natural and organic products for example New Chapter,  Renew Life and Bluebonnet Nutrition.