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Established in April 2000, Emirates British Nursery has earned a reputation as a first-class provider of pre-school education and childcare for children between the ages of three months and four years. The first Emirates Nursery opened its doors in Umm Sequim, Dubai in April 2000 and in October 2001 a second nursery opened in Mirdif, followed in 2007 by one of Dubai’s largest pre-school facilities in Mirdif. Emirates British Nursery opened in January 2013 in Motorcity, Dubai and will constitute one key step towards fulfilling the growing requirements for nurseries in Dubai.

Operating in accordance with British National Standards and applying a curriculum that fits within the framework of the British Education System and the British Early Years Foundation Stage - Emirates British Nursery is one of the leading providers of pre-school education in the UAE.

Emirates British Nursery aspires to develop and nurture every child in a safe and stimulating environment and set the standard for the learning development and care of young children in the UAE. In line with British National Standards, Emirates British Nursery aims to cultivate honest values and ensure that no child is excluded or disadvantaged because of ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, gender or ability.

Vision: "A world of learning and discovery through play awaits every child at Emirates British Nursery. Our aim is to inspire children to reach their full potential"